I live teetering on the edge of chaos and control, thriving on intensity. Driven by a restless energy, I approach my work the way a motorcycle racer carves through treacherous canyon roads, filled with excitement, trepidation, and overwhelming focus, searching for the apex of control and freedom.

My work is largely process driven. I consider each new project an opportunity to explore material and technique. I value both form and function, and attempt to elevate my design sensibility and technical skills with each new endeavor. I am enamored by the aesthetics of handcrafted goods, and feel a great connection to the heritage and history of craftsmanship. Upholding these traditions plays an overarching thematic role in my work. I believe that everything that is created and manipulated with specific attention and consideration is imbued with energy it is from there that these pieces evolve to have personality and carry a story of their own.
My work is rooted in American history and outlaw subcultures. Presenting the ethos of marginalized groups and documenting pivotal events, I utilize iconic American designs as a means of storytelling. Concepts addressing structures of power within American society as well as the impact of the use of force underlie many pieces. On a larger level, my work looks at the residual effects of conflict and the creation of identity.